Lesson types

Freshfields provides lessons suited to all ages and abilities.

Assessment Lesson

If you have ridden before, the first lesson which you will receive from Freshfields Equestrian Centre is an assessment lesson. This is an opportunity for the instructor to assess your riding and to determine your riding ability. Don’t worry… it is not a test! If you have the ability to ride in a group (and if this is what you want) a suitable group will be found for you. If not, private lessons will be provided with a suitable horse following the assessment. We offer both ½ hour and 45 minute assessment lessons.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are a great way to improve your riding with one to one tuition. We offer both ½ hour and 45 minute private lessons.

Lunge Lessons

A great way to improve your seat and balance on a horse! Lunge lessons give the rider a chance to work on their own riding as they do not need to focus on the control of the horse as this is now the instructors job. For those of you who do not know what a lunge is, it is a long rope which is attached to the horse and the instructor holds onto the other end. This means that the instructor controls the speed and movement of the horse so that the rider can focus on their position and seat. We offer ½ hour lunge lessons only.

Group Lessons

A fun and interactive experience for the more experienced riders. Once riders can walk, trot and canter by themselves then they have the option of joining a group lesson which will be suited to their ability. We have a maximum of seven riders in a group at any one time. They are a great way to improve your riding as many activities are carried out (including flat work and jumping) and you also have the ability to watch and learn off other riders. Group lessons are always interactive as the instructor makes sure that all riders are involved in discussions to insure that all riders feel welcome and understand the reasons for what they are doing. Our group lessons are for 1 hour.

Stable Management

One of our goals at Freshfields is not only to teach people to ride but also to teach people how to look after our four legged friends in the event that they wish to have their own horse in the future. Our stable management lessons teach people the basics in horse care (including how to tack up, maintain equipment, groom, muck out etc). We believe that the best way to gain a relationship with a horse is also through handling it as well as riding it. If you are interested in the care of horses as well as riding them we offer both ½ hour sessions as well as 1 hour sessions.

Lead Round

Perfect for beginners! Our lead rein sessions are a great way to introduce new riders to our popular sport. During lead rein sessions riders have their own personal helper as well as an instructor to help them through the challenging but fun start to riding. Our lead rein sessions are open for all riders from the age of 4 and up. We only offer ½ hour lead rein sessions as we feel that this is long enough for both adults and children who are not used to spending time in the saddle.